You may already know that the quality and longevity of the profile processing equipment are two of the most important characteristics of these machines. It is essential to ensure that operation is flawless. And the first step in ensuring this is through quality control.

Fundamental, in any market, is being able to count on technical assistance that ensures any situation. Are you looking to minimize downtime, increase your productive capacity or lower your cost, we can help you with that

FMV Máquinas is a leader in the engineering and construction of metal forming and fabrication equipment. We specialize in providing unique alternatives to solve production problems such as stamping dies, progressive dies, in-line punching dies and die cutting systems for profiling, hydraulic dies.


Partnership that will revolutionize the market.

Rafter Equipment Corporation (USA) and FMV Máquinas e Equipamentos (Brazil) are pleased to announce that as of November 1, 2018 they have entered into an exclusive strategic partnership to expand their offer in High Technology Tube Roll Forming Machines and Forming Machines for the markets of North America and South America.

Both companies have extensive experience in machinery and equipment projects in their respective markets, and the synergy brought about by ...

New – SP 3000 Rollforming Machine

Able to shaping sheet metal with # 3.18 mm thickness, with development of up to 500.0 mm wide, its operating speed may vary according to customer’s requirement coming up to speed of 30 meters per minute. It is ideal for port-profiles Pallet, Structural Profiles and Road Equipment.